Mary McDonough was both a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women Girls Conference.  She spoke on the topic of Body Image to over 400 girls ages 13-17.  Her high energy and delightful sense of humor captured the girl’s attention.  Her personal story was powerful and one that the young women could relate to.  Following her keynote address, Mary was a presenter in a workshop on Body Branding:  Getting Comfortable With The Skin You Are In.  The evaluations from the girls and adults alike were outstanding. Mary’s message was important and had the potential for being emotionally charged but her sincere high motivational approach captured their trust.  After a few minutes, the dynamics of the room was electrifying.  Girls walked away believing that “they were just fine with whom they are and the way they looked.”  No little feat for the age group that was in attendance. 

I was so impressed with how Mary McDonough engaged her audience with humor and sensitivity, that I recommended her to be the keynote address at the Annual National Association of Commissions for Women Conference in Washington DC.   As in New Mexico, Mary was the highlight of the conference.  Given the opportunity, I would contract with Mary again.  She is delightful and has powerful personal story that many people can relate to, men, and women, young and old.

Mary Molina Mescall

Executive Director, NM Commission on the Status of Women

President, National Association of Commissions of Wom

In a tough town like Washington DC and in the rough and tumble world of politics, asking a staff to sit down and focus on personal interaction is not easy. Mary McDonough brought our team of hard core professionals into a skeptical room and immediately made them at ease and engaged in a very productive session. Her professional, yet very personal, style was a clear key to her success. She was knowledgeable, empathetic, tough and transparent. It's been nearly a year since we worked with Mary and our staff is still calling that session "the most productive staff development time we've ever spent". We are in her debt as a team and highly recommend her services.

Tom Sheridan, President
The Sheridan Group

Mary McDonough was our keynote speaker for the 100th Anniversary Dinner of the Kiwanis Club of Altoona.
She was a wonderful speaker and a major hit at our dinner. We felt lucky that she agreed to join us for our celebration. We were able to purchase books from her publisher and sold them to raise funds for our Buddy Club which helps under privileged children in our city. Mary was gracious in autographing all the book purchased by those in attendance.
We would recommend Mary for any group that wants a fantastic keynote speaker for their event.
David M. Scott
Club President
Kiwanis Club of Altoona

I brought Mary into my company to help my employees understand how they inadvertently help or hurt the business. I wanted to create a safe, anonymous forum to express their concerns, deal with counterproductive

Before the workshop our communication was suffering, after Mary’s workshop our communication doubled  and it has created better forms of communication for all of us.

Since the workshop the team has grown closer in that everyone is more understanding of others feelings. They learned to remove emotions from situations in order to tackle the tasks at hand. The workshop worked wonders for removing incompatible employees from the business. As part of our solutions from the workshop, we now have monthly meetings which help keep the communication open and everyone improved.

At first, holding this workshop was like opening Pandora’s box. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I knew there would be change. Change is good for keeping everyone on their toes, including me, the boss.

Thanks Mary

Angie, Owner Eden Salon

Mary came to work with our 5th grade Girl Scout troop for an afternoon as part of their aMuse journey, which is all about breaking through stereotypes. It challenges the girls to create a performance about a stereotype that will have a positive influence on their audience. What a great fit Mary was, with her acting background AND life coaching skills.  She was so funny and down-to-earth, the girls connected with her immediately and got so much out of the experience.  It is something they will never forget. 

Cynthia Roberts

Leader, Troop 985

Newport Beach

Mary McDonough was the keynote speaker at my empowerment event for 75 Girl Scouts. She is extremely flexible and professional, and will tailor her speech to any audience. Her presentation was deep, personal, and interactive, and gave every girl there, inspiration and confidence in their own skills, and inner beauty. She very quickly established a personal connection with the entire room and told each of us to believe in ourselves.

Aurora :)

I absolutely adore this woman! Her lectures and inspiration help me feel at peace with myself and bring me to a great state of mind and confidence. Her personality is incomparable, and I love listening to her. ROCK ON MARY!!
Katie K.

Student Quotes from Mary McDonough Workshop

“She’s genuine—really genuine, and she was energetic---very entertaining.”

“She helped us to come out of our shells and be open to people.”

“She wasn’t just like a typical actor that you’d expect to be self-absorbed, she actually talked to us and engaged us and what we said mattered.”

“She taught us basic moral lessons but got the point across by making us stand up and actually do it.”

“She got through to us.”

“She interacts with the students---and actually connects.”

“She had interesting things to say because she’s experienced a LOT.”

“She’s laid back and down to Earth.  She didn’t present herself as a star.”

“Doing the activity about characters/roles was really fun.”

“We tried things we’ve never tried before, and it opened us up with each other---the same way that you do with the casts of your plays”

What did you learn as a part of her workshop?

“It’s ok to fail. Like you were reading to us from her book---it’s apparent that she learned that as one of her lessons from the mountain”

“You don’t have to judge people, no voting.”

“She gave us a challenge.”

“She worked beyond her Erin Walton role which gives her a stronger body of work--it really challenged me to not try to hang on to one accomplishment, but to be willing to take chances and step out.

“Her message is not limited just to you guys that got to see her grow up on The Waltons—it applies to all of us---even people in here that don’t want to act.”

“Mary’s relevant to our generation (and every other one) because she is real.”