Life Coach

Personal change through professional Coaching.

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What is a Life Coach?

I am often asked that question. Followed by,” so what do you DO exactly?” My friend says my business should be called “MOTIVATE ME COACHING”. Well, I do motivate my clients but there’s so much more. I am a co-active coach.

What I love about it is that as your coach, I hold you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Since you are not broken, the coaching will not “fix” you. This element is why I chose to be a co-active coach. We’ve all been told for so long that we are not enough, we can’t do it, we’re unable etc., all the voices in our heads taking us off our path. Well, I believe we all have the answers. A coach is someone to ask the questions to help you find your own answers.


Coaching is defined as “A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.” What does THAT mean???

Coaching means action and learning. When you chose a coach, you choose to step into change. You choose you, your life and what you value for your life. No kidding, REALLY having what you say you want in your life. Coaching is about who you are becoming, how you want to be, what you think, how you feel, what you want.

Focus On YOU

When was the last time you got to just focus on YOU? It’s having a coach to support, encourage, and challenge you in your life. It’s different that a friend who tells you what to do. A coach is not a parent or authority figure giving you the answers or telling you what you did wrong. It’s not a program with hoops to jump through either.

As a coach, I work with people to bring balance into their lives. My clients set goals that are important to them. We work together to get through the blocks in their way so they can find balance and have a fulfilling life. As your coach, we will be working together to create what works for you. With this knowledge, we’ll take actions to move forward, deepen your learning about yourself and your relationship to your world.

Choosing coaching is a powerful choice moving into your life and taking a look at it all. Change is scary, fun, exciting, daunting and so much more.


I came to you, Mary, stuck in my life being somewhere that was unsatisfying, and feeling unhappy and directionless and something of a failure. Through visualization, and by answering some tough questions, as well as doing exercises in which I thought of what things I am good at, and what makes me happy - we together formulated an idea to move towards something that would be more satisfying. Initially, for me, I had some real hang ups about not finishing my education, but being a transplanted Brit, I thought I couldn't tackle American university. Taking small steps, and beginning with online classes, I then kept working until I graduated from UCLA magna cum laude with college honors and highest departmental honors. I found my joy - reading and writing and was working towards becoming a teacher. However, keeping an open mind and an open heart, I was offered an opportunity to do something else upon graduating, that used my strengths with people, material and business to advantage and I was able to start what is really a third career in my late 40's. Mary gave me permission and confidence to make moves in sometimes baby steps, toward an ultimate goal. I still use her guidelines today to help solve problems.


I called Mary to work on my acceptance of a chronic and progressive disease. Mary is kind, intelligent, and has an incredible ability to tailor her approach to a person's individual needs and style. Though I contacted Mary about

a specific issue, the skills I learned are applicable to so many more areas of life, and I use them still today. Getting a diagnosis like mine can certainly rock your sense of self. Mary helped me learn to accept what is and to be proactive. Best of all, I now have a sense of confidence I had never dreamed possible before!

-Celia Gunn

When working with Mary I felt that I had someone who was strong, wise, loving and knowledgeable. Mary gave me the guidance, encouragement and confidence to move forward with decisions and life. I am grateful for the "loving nudge"

-Tine Hayden, Project Manager

Mary rocks! My life is a runaway freight train of excitement and new opportunities, and I attribute it all to the coaching work that I do with Mary! What an intuitive gift she has for knowing when a client is in their own way. She doesn't let you wiggle away from things that are important, but her approach isn't harsh. Mary coaches with the kindest and most loving heart. I can honestly say that Mary has changed my life so much for the better!


worked with Mary over several days as she gave me concrete techniques to support my writing. She encouraged me to write what was in my heart - stories of my mother. She gave me a schedule to follow which really worked! She believes in people and has a passion for guiding them in their journey. Her skills as a Life Coach gave me a focus to start a new chapter in my life.

-Lyndsey, Writer/Actress

Mary is an amazing coach! She has such an incredible ability to see you bigger than you can see yourself. She holds an empowering and equally loving space for you to discover how powerful and amazing you are. I am so blessed to have been coached by Mary. Thanks so much, Mary! You rock!

-Pete Lee

After seven years of building a million dollar business within a MLM organization, I found myself "in limbo" as I was forced to acknowledge the MLM's rapid decline and the loss of my dream. After only one session with Mary she helped me acknowledge the grief and anger that were keeping me from moving forward. Working with Mary helped me take my power back. I've now mourned the loss of that particular dream but now I'm on to bigger and better dreams!

-Leanne Avant, Florida

I met with Mary for a Life Coach sample session. It was obvious that my "balance wheel of life" looked like a flat tire in more then one area. I chose a category to dive into & in less then 20 minutes she guided me to my core belief! I thought I had worked on this "issue" already, I was over it and it was "no big deal." WRONG! WOW, it rocked my psyche! The best part about it was that I had all the answers to move on. I loved how Mary assisted me with her laser guidance. After that I knew I had to have more!

-Laurie, business owner

Mary has given me the tools I need to move forward in my life, even when my gremlins are lining up around the corner. Not only is she an incredibly supportive and inspiring coach, it's as though she holds a place for me in her heart, which helps me hold a place for myself in my own heart.

-Madeline Payamps, Senior Writer

Mary McDonough has been a very effective coach for me. Mary's observation and probing skills allow me to discuss personal and professional challenges at my own pace and move forward giving me life tools to succeed. I needed a coach who first had the interest in finding out who I was and how I lived my life instead of putting me in a "standard model" and coaching by-the-book. Mary McDonough is that coach.

-Jeffery S. Wingate, General Manager Restaurant Associates The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts